xbley bg dare lagik..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

frust gilos aku smlm..stelah sthn aku tggu nk suh org amik dare aku..kali nih xleh bagi gaks..tensen tul..aku punye smngt berkobar2..da le aku gadaikn puase aku..pas2 tgu Q punye le panjang..last2 xbley bg..reason?aku msh breastfeedin'..huarghh..
aku yg kpale batu nih plak ley tanye soklan mangang plak kt org yg bertugas tuh..
ha!ko,terus jer cik bertugas tuh tarik aku nyer borg letak tepi..
cik bertugas:"xbley lagik la tgu smp u stop breastfeed btl2 br ley.."
aku yg frust:"Oyeke cik, even xfully pon xbley bg gak ker?bley lar.."(wink2..wt muke blur smbl berhrp cik bertugas ckp ley..)
cik bertugas:"xleh ler.nnt cecair dlm bdn u xcukup"(terus pndng member dpn die smbl borak blk.Uiik..hangin leh tuh..)
Ceh!cik bertugas nih eksen..yele2 aku tau aku xley bg..tapi ade ke ckp aku xcukup cecair nnt..xnmpk ker aku nih byk cecair..tang perot plg byk..xley terime btul aku..<-tuh lemak ler dol bkn cecair..
jadi nye aku hanye temankn bespren aku 2org nih jele..sape lagik kalo bkn 2org nih?Mr John & mdm Nuyul..
taun lps pon cmni ler gaks aku jd cameraman diorg jer..sedey tau..aku pon nk gk cocok2 dare aku..baring2 atas katil tuh..minum air melo pree..Mr John ujung taun nih wat lagik yer derma dare nih..aku xkire kali nih nnt aku nk bg gaks..xkire!xkire!xkire!huhu..emo plak..

Mr John with his swit smiling..(manis ker?)


dare dah kene sedot..

dare..Oops!silap pokes plak..

dare..drakula tgk mleleh..


puaaass..pas derma dare..

uiks?pesal plak laki bini ley dok sblah2 nih..wei2 nih public jgn wat mende senset kt cni ee..huhu..Nuyul 2nd time bg dare dok sblah katil hubby chubby die..

Nota gedik 1:aku mengang sgt.tuh sbb aku xsnap pon wajah aku nih..
Nota gedik 2:Nuyul tuh kene amik dare 2kali.sbb 1st time tuh dare die clog(betoi ke aku eja nih?)mksdnye dare die beku ler..xley pakai..derma dare tuh kt drakula jer..2nd time br bley..kene dok ng hubby chubby kot br dare klua cpt..


untuk kawanku..

nih aku dah carik side effect crash diet khas tuk seseorg yg bernama kawan..

Crash diets do work! Providing, of course, that you have the will power to starve yourself and you don’t expect the results to last very long
So, what’s the harm?

1.Well, you haven’t really lost that much fat. You’ve mostly lost water. As you reduced your carbohydrate intake, you reduced your body’s supply of glycogen and eliminated some of its water. The fat is still there. Resume eating normally, and you’ll regain the water weight(so kalo mlantak mesti nek blk)

2.Nutritionists recommend a minimum daily intake of 1200 calories. When you drastically reduce this number or stop eating, you deprive your body of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients that it needs to sustain itself.

3.Your body requires 30% of your daily calories to be from fats. If it doesn’t get the nutrition it needs, your body reacts by becoming more efficient at storing fat. Your metabolism slows down to conserve what little nutrition it’s getting. When you start eating again, the body continues to conserve energy for quite some time. As you eat more food, you will gain weight at a faster rate.

4.Drastically reducing or stopping eating puts you at risk. Crash diets are extremely dangerous for your heart, kidneys, liver, and brain because you lose lean tissue around them.If you don’t eat enough, your body will actually burn the muscle tissue of the organs themselves to provide your brain with sufficient energy to function. This puts you at risk for liver and kidney failure, heart attack and stroke and even death!

5.Crash diets cause extreme food cravings, causing you to gain weight.

6.You may become dizzy or uncoordinated. You will probably sleep more as your body conserves energy. You may develop iron deficiency anemia, vitamin B12 or potassium and sodium deficiency. The latter two play an important role in regulating the way that your heart beats. If their levels become too low, you could have a heart attack.

7.Long-term crash dieters frequently suffer from osteoporosis. Crash diets severely limit calcium intake. As a result, calcium leaches out of the bones in your body, making them brittle. As a result, many crash dieters may later in life suffer broken hips, wrists and other bones.

8.Your hair loss could continue as long as six months after you resume eating normally again.

9.Crash diets, moreover, may make you feel irritable, depressed,sensitive or lead to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

"The key to weight loss is proper nutrition and exercise.:



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