Friday, April 16, 2010

Today waz my parents 28th anibesari..hepi aniberseri mak, ayah..moga2 pjg umor n dtg kbhgaian dunia n akhirat..wateve it is, im still love both u..coz nothin' i can repay u since im exist in dis world..tq 4 being a gud parents eventhou we've facin' alot of 'things'..i lov both u damn much..nothin' word can describe 'love' to both of you..
moga2 Allah SWT berikn kbhagian buat mak n ayah..along nk mintak maaf kalau selalu wat mak ayah sedih, let both of u down..so, not much im asking just a blessing and praying for my happiness dunia akhirat..


H.A.R.I2 B.E.R.S.E.J.A.R.A.H

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